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5+ Matte Makeup Ideas Looks

5 Instagrammers About Makeup   1. Make up has always been a release for me. I’ve always loved trying out new looks when I’m bored and it was a great way to express myself when I wasn’t studying. One tip I would say is do whatever makes you happy, express yourself however you want, whether […]

10 Casual Work Outfits Ideas 2018

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Casual Style   1. Everything have to look good together.Be yourself, dont be afraid to experiment! @juliakhamula 2. Wear the ones you like but do not be ridiculous. Strange yet beautiful. Be creative but elegant.Let’s love fashion and create it everny time. Always great & fresh. @jetnguyenphotography 3. Fashion for […]

7 Super Sexy Looks And Makeup Tips

  7 Instagrammers are rocking their makeup styles   1. I would describe the perfect make-up look that should fit the occasion and pay attention to what suits you best. @makeup_by_leon_ 2. Wearing something that’s not comfortable. By that I mean wearing something that is trendy, but doesn’t fit your unique sense of style or […]

10 Inspiration for Hair Ideas

5 Instagrammers Who Rocks The Street With Different Hairstyle   1. Bridal, because i am a make up artist for bridal and at the same time i am doing hairstyle too! perfect hairstyling as a detailed, unique, creative and inspirational in every end product. @fizahsajuna 2. Use a good hydrating shampoo and not so much […]

Best Painting Ideas for Beginners

Simple Painting From Instagrammers   1. Be yourself and do what feels right to you. @fishbowler87 2. The fact that the Nail art turns nails into canvas. I love the creativity! @anajarenillustration 3. Never follow the crowd, create your own lane and watch all the others get caught in the traffic jam. @authenticromero 4. Fashion […]