5 Amazing ways to Style A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

The super baggy boyfriend jeans has packed a punch in our wardrobe department since 2015. These boyfriend jeans have replaced skinny jeans in the easy-to-wear category. We are sharing with you five innovative ways to style a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Do not confuse between Boyfriend jeans and Mom jeans. We have covered about Mom jeans here.

1. Go crop
These baggier pants go hand in hand with a crop top and create a good balance on proportion.

2. Rock’em with Sweatshirts
A sweatshirt with boyfriend jeans makes for one really cool and effortless look. To avoid going too casual, pair the outfit with pointed heels to add a statement.

3. Body-Suit Up

Everyone needs a bodysuit in their life and they look amaze balls with high waisted baggy jeans. Are you trying them yet?

4. The 90s White Tee Blue Jeans Look
The evergreen pair of a white top and blue jeans looks classic and trendy both if you try this ensemble with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

5. Pair me Pretty
A super flirty and feminine top paired with distressed and baggy jeans screams out loud-“Opposites attract”! We ain’t saying anything more.









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