5 things to help you stay in shape during the fall

There’s a cold front here in Texas today, and it has me super excited about fall being right around the corner! The first sign of crispness in the air has me ready to curl up by the fireplace in a comfy sweatshirt with a cup of good coffee.  I’m sure in another day or two it’ll be back in the 90’s, but a girl can dream.
One thing that I’ve found true about fall, is those comfy sweaters and pants sure do hide some of that extra weight! For a few years, I have been on the pattern of losing weight for summer, and then putting it back on in the fall when I’m not having to wear a bathing suit or sundresses anymore.  It would be exponentially easier to just stick to a routine year-round and be comfortable with your body all the time.  Regardless of what you look like though, you should always feel good! Exercising gives off endorphins that help with your overall mood and helps you beat those winter blues! To help make things a little easier, I’ve decided to round up five different ideas on how to stay healthy during the fall.

1. Avoid drinks with a lot of calories

You’ve seen the ads and all of the Instagram posts about them, you’ve been tempted
everywhere you look.  Those lovely fall drinks at Starbucks are just calling your name.
You want to hop on that pumpkin spice bandwagon.  DON’T do it! They have so much
added sugar and unnecessary fat and calories! Just one grande PSL has 380 calories, 14
g of fat and 50g of sugar!! It is good, but it is not that good! Instead, drink an Americano
for just 15 calories and add a little bit of milk to it if you want! If you must have one,
just limit yourself to one a week or two.  Overindulging is not your friend!

2. Go out for a walk

My roommate and I started a tradition last fall that really began to catch on: Beer Walk
Mondays.  We live in a pretty bustling part of town and are relatively close to a lot of
places, so we decided when it got nice outside that we would walk the 1.25 miles to our
favorite outdoor patio and have a drink and a snack.  We loved doing in on Mondays
because let’s face it… nobody enjoys Mondays.  This gave us something to look forward
to! While the beer may not have always been the healthiest choice, you could always
walk to a good restaurant with healthy choices or just to another place that you enjoy
spending time.  Walking is great for you and being outside and getting some Vitamin D
will help boost your mood as well!

3. Go gym shopping

I know where I am, most gyms will let you attend your first class for
free.  This is nice because not only are you getting a free workout in, but you are also
able to try out a few different options before committing to a contract somewhere.
Last summer I tried out a boxing gym two blocks from my house and absolutely have
fallen in love with it! It is HARD but is a great workout and is awesome for helping you
get out some anger and frustration.  It is also great that it is so close because it made it
harder to think of excuses to get out of going.

4. Sign up for a few 5ks around your area.

I know that a lot of cities that host a “Turkey Trot” or other holiday-themed 5k.  There are also normally charitable ones as well. Signing up for these and paying the entrance fee will help to hold you accountable and keep you on track with working out consistently.

5. Last but not least, buy some cute workout clothes!

That seems silly, but I’ve found that if I feel cute then I am more likely to want to do something.  They don’t need to be expensive either.  Stores like Target and Old Navy both have really cute and affordable workout clothes that I know would help you be motivated.

That’s all, folks! Are there any other tips that help you to keep off the extra weight in the fall?
I’d love to hear about them! Until then, I’m gonna soak up this awesome weather while it lasts.

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