8 Unspoken Rules of Fashion That One Must ALWAYS Abide

We all love to deck-up but many just end up making grave mistakes. Here are 8 unspoken rules of fashion that one must always abide, we repeat, ALWAYS!

1. Be informed about what you wear

If you’re wearing a rock band tee but don’t even know a single song by them, CHANGE! Try to picture the moment when someone starts up a conversation about their latest song? uh huh!

2. Sky is the limit, uh, think again honeysuckle!

Heels that make you go barefoot just to walk from your desk to the washroom are nothing but pain. Also, they can cause some serious damages to your feet in the long run. Keep those inches a little low.

3. Mind the comfort

An outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable is most likely not suitable enough for any event! We often see people adjusting their dresses every minute and that certainly does not look good. Wear something that empowers you and makes you feel beautiful yet comfortable.

4. Forget about the price tag, Jessie J said it!

Paying high bucks just because it carries a designer label is not a right way to shop. Some designers are just not meant for the real world.

5. Trendy is not always good

Keeping up with the present fashion trends is cool but some trends should be downright given a red card! For example – the clear plastic jeans, it is horrendous!

6. Don’t dress for selfies and Instagram

It’s not a gospel rule to post your picture on social media whenever you deck-up. #outing #new-tee #money #hot – GIVE IT A BREAK! Many of us post pictures before even attending the event so there is nothing left to the imagination as your friends just know.

7. The rule of Fedora

If you go pick your friend who, in fact, happens to be in a similar dress then ONE MUST CONCEDE! Twining may be in trend but trust us, it is just not good.

8. Swagger reigns

In the end, every attire looks good when worn with confidence. So just shed your inhibitions and reveal the inner diva!
This post first appeared on Music-Coffee-Journal blog by Zara Ali
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