What Love Has Come To? From Handwritten Letters to Facebook Messages and Now it is Going Tender on Tinder!

Swipe Left-Swipe Right-Oh! I found a cute guy. Well, I am not giving you directions to find a cute guy, It is just what we all are doing these days on dating apps such as Tinder, OkayCupid, Aisle, and blah blah blah.

Let’s accept it, love has come a long way. Below are three terribly short stories of blooming romance in different times. From the letter writing age to the Tinder swiping age.

Once upon a time in a far far away land, Marie used to write letters to her beloved and their love used to be so patient that they used to wait for a reply, ranging from days to months. The love blossomed and they found home in each other. End of story.

Now, here we go again, Once upon a time in a little far away land, Marie used to chat with her beloved on the Yahoo messenger, they met in a chatroom and then invited each other to personal chat. Marie used to wait for the time for her beloved to get online. The love blossomed and they exchanged numbers, soon they went on a date and moved from a virtual to a real relationship.

Okay, so let’s try it once again, Once upon a time in a not-so-far-away land, Marie used to make thousands of friends on Facebook and one fine day she got a request from a cute guy. She accepted it and they began chatting and then transitioned to Skyping and then to WhatsApp, until they decided to meet. Marie went on two dates with him and then they realized that they’re not made for each other. So, they parted ways and blocked each other on the social network. One fine day, Marie received another request from another cute boy and the relay continued.

Back to the present times, Marie is a professional writer and she has just installed a popular dating app on her smartphone. She is in a dilemma, she is getting mixed reactions within, which can be termed as a little of excitement, mystery, cynicism and what not! Poor Marie has found so many cute guys at one place and she just can’t decide whom to date? And among all those cuties, she finally decided on one guy, but one fine day she didn’t receive his reply for a whole day! Marie freaked with feelings of being ditched. She thought about being a ‘sidekick’ to the cutie, who might just be busy talking to other girls on Tinder. Infuriated Marie with a heavy heart tapped on the ‘un-match’ option. And then after a day, she got back to the drill, Swipe Left-Swipe Right-Oh! I found a cute guy! and the romance continued with tender swiping.

Sometimes, we all are just so unsure about what we really want or who we really want. With the changing times, thanks to the technology, Love has also got ‘upgraded’ from ‘knight in the shining armour’ to ‘some cute guy with a dog’. We are in a constant company of these virtual realities that are all time ready to serve us with entertainment, love interest, casual flirtation and what not! For many, technology has solved the puzzle to find a perfect mate, while for many it has created a battleground of flickering attractions.

I do not intend to say that these dating apps are bad or technology has depleted the power of love. It’s just that with so much in our hands now, we hardly feel the need to go a little farther to see our love. We simply want it in the palm of our hands. The short-lived excitement seems legit to us and the long-term happiness is nowhere in the plan. As the saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’, but when it comes to love, the variety only causes betrayal, confusion and a mixture of adulterated emotions.

No, don’t keep the phone down and don’t even uninstall the app. All we need to seek is ‘patience’. Even if you’re looking for love on Tinder or Facebook, just be patient and don’t ‘unblock’ or ‘un-match’ at the sight of the first delay in the reply.

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