Welcome to future brand ”Ninimdes”

Hola gorgeous ladies, so today I’m going to introduce you to a cosplay style known as “Ninimdes.” To explain this Victorian style of cosplay our person of reference is Bianca Cristina who has been doing this for years now. She has been so engrossed with this style of cosplay that she is often called Ninimdes instead of Bianca. Below you can check out some of the amazing pictures of Bianca that will take you in the world of Ninimdes.


Bianca adopted this style 2 years ago. The dresses that she wears for the cosplay are either hand-made or inherited from her great aunts. In addition to Ninimdes, Bianca is also exploring “Lolita” style that captures the beauty of the classic fashion trends. She sometimes ponders on the thought that she belongs to the Victorian era and 21st century is just not her vibe. Bianca is so obsessed with the Victorian era that she comes with her own outfits, taking care of it from start to finish. Currently studying at an art school in Romania, Bianca has plans on taking her creative journey further by doing masters in the same field. Her cosplays mesmerizing enough to take you on a untamed journey to a fairyland. That’s just how beautiful she looks in her attires – a princess, we say!

Bianca’s work has been inspired by the designers like Agnieszka Ospia, JoEllen Elam(Firefly Path) and many others.

Phew, that was all we had to share about Bianca. We will be back soon with some other artist in the spotlight. Stay tuned with LookVine for your daily dose of style.

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