Artistic Instagram Hair Style Bloggers You Must Follow

Instagram has become a hub for showcasing the talent. We are always looking for a way to best ourselves and forever in search of expert advice and tips from beauty bloggers. Here is a list of Influencers from the beauty sphere who you must follow to see the magic in their hands.


Nicole Margaret Roberts

She is 22 years old from a small town in Idaho USA, She moved to Mexico at 18 learned Spanish and found a passion for color, especially in the hair. Later she moved to Los Ángeles California and 2 months ago moved to Buenos Aires Argentina and opened her beauty studio. She is a professional hair/makeup artist, ArcticFoxHairPro and part of the Unicorn Tribe.
She admires her work and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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María Fernanda

Maria likes recreating vintage looks and is fond of the classic 80’s style. Most of her work is inspired by that era and she takes pleasure by indulging in something unique with a bit of nostalgia.

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Brooke Himes

She is a Hair Stylist in North Dallas. She focuses on weddings and special occasion hair. She loves all things hair, from unicorn/mermaid hair to elegant updos, to messy waves. Follow for tutorials, tips, and tricks for a fancy hairdo!

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Marie Jacobsen

She lives in Norway and has been a hairdresser for 10 years. She loves her job and she always makes sure people are happy and smiling around her.

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Hair Mummy

She is a mum to four beautiful children and a nanny to a beautiful granddaughter. She works part-time in a school and has a passion for hair, hoping one day to have a business styling hair. She loves animals, art and spending time with her family. She is a self-taught hair stylist and she is learning something new each day.

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