Top 10 Best Travel Leggings

Having the right kind of travel wardrobe is profoundly crucial to fetch comfortable experiences while travelling. In this article, we will be specifically talking about leggings that are now classified as an essential travel clothing.

These days leggings come in varied styles, prints, fabrics and colours, which means you will certainly be able to find a perfect pair that is suiting your needs. Leggings are great to wear while travelling because they can be worn even for exercising or hiking. Plus, they are comfortable in all seasons.

If you are an avid woman traveller and are looking for comfortable bottoms, then take a look at our following list of branded leggings. We will run through the top 10 travel leggings that you must consider before making any purchases.

1. Zella Leggings

If you do a bit of a research on Zella leggings, then you will come to know that Zella leggings are a Nordstrom line and is pretty much exactly like Lululemon, but at a friendly price. The Zella Live-in leggings hold up great and they absorb sweat really well. The fabric is quite stretchy and flattering, but not thick at all.

If you fancy wearing something similar to Lululemon, but at a cheaper rate, Zella Leggings are for you. Also available in plus-size.

2. Old Navy

Some of us ladies are super particular about the way our bottoms fit, whether for exercise purpose of travel purpose, or both. Old Navy leggings are known to suffice each and every need accurately. These leggings come in all types of colours and prints. Besides, if you fancy compression leggings, the Old Navy compression leggings are the best and they have a GoDRY moisture wicking feature. And, these leggings have a cute little interior pocket as well.

3. Live clothing Leggings – LIVE! Max leggings

LIVE! Max leggings will give you amazing comfort in your travels. It is made of malleable fabric, gives enormous freedom in movement and a lot of flexibility to its wearer. Its prints mimic the jeans and hence gives a very cool look.

Another eye-catching leggings from Live clothing UK are Show Spot leggings, which is available in beautiful colours and offers thermic comfort. These leggings are known to reduce muscle fatigue. Quick to dry and bears UV50+ protection, which means you need not worry about the harsh sun rays while outdoors.

4. Under Armour Link Knits

Under Armour is a well-known athleisure brand. Many women travellers swear by the comfort its apparels offer. Under Armour Link Knits is a fabulous addition to its already existing line of apparels. The legging’s knit construction offers amazing comfort to the wearer. In addition, its signature moisture transport system wicks away the sweat and keeps you dry and light.

5. Express Stretch Leggings

One of the key features of Express Stretch leggings is its fabric. Their fabric is made of breathable material and is light-weight. Moreover, the quality of the fabric is such that it can absorb sweat even after a long day’s wear. 

6. New Balance Leggings

Light-weight, breathable material, moisture-managing fabric and offers a contoured fit. If you are travelling in a moderately chilly weather, then New Balance leggings are worth a try.

7. Nike Pro Hypercool

Nike Pro Hypercool has a sleek body-hugging fit, incredible wicking performance that helps to evaporate moisture, and has breathable mesh insets at the thighs. If you fancy a natural fit for your all day round activities, try Nike Pro Hypercool leggings.

8. Athleta Stealth Mesh

For those who don’t wish to even notice that they are wearing leggings should try Athleta Stealth Mesh Leggings. These leggings will sit really well around your waist and fit well. Although its rates are a bit high, certainly worth it as the leggings will last for long.

9. Asics Fit-Sana

The Asics Fit-Sana has a remarkable aesthetic appeal. Besides looking great, these leggings are also ultra-soft on the skin and beautifully light-weight. There is no problem even if you sweat a lot of the fabric provides quick-dry moisture management.

10. Puma Women’s Training

Are you on a lookout for breathable running pants, then look no further. Puma women’s training tights will suffice your requirements. The look is stylish and the feel is great. Great for exercising or for hanging outdoors.


The purpose of this article is to guide women travellers who find it hard to find a perfect fit leggings for their requirements. The above-mentioned brands are worth considering for your next adventure. Leggings of these brands have proven track records of delivering high-end results.

So don’t forget to carry your travel leggings, ever. Not only are these leggings comfortable on the skin, but they also take up less space in the suitcase.



Diana Is a working woman, Apart from her desk job, She is a Health And Fitness Blogger and is working with the leading Fitness Clothing Brand LIVE! Clothing UK, She has been very keen on building a better physique, So she always finds time for her workout. Her motto is “Be better than you was yesterday and everything will be better tomorrow”.

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