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Sana Khan

1. Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in fashion?
Growing up in Pakistan and Dubai exposed me to diverse fashion styles that were modest yet chic and classic. I have always loved painting since I was a little girl and my passion for fashion started with mixing colors. I truly believe fashion is an artistic expression just like a painting. As I grew up I found myself getting attracted to magazines and people around me who were trendsetters. Bridget Bardot is my timeless fashion inspiration but I found my style evolving once I moved to London (the fashion capital!) for my Bachelors and then to Canada and the United States. Coming from Dubai, I was never exposed to pure winter fashion but travelling across these continents opened up endless opportunities for me to try out new styles. This is where the interest in fashion started.


2. One best thing about being a fashion blogger.

When people tell me that my fashion post – be it four ways to style a dress or a trendy picture – helped them to decide what they should pair those red pants with or any other item that they find intimidating to style. It always puts a smile on my face when my followers genuinely give me feedback on what they like and what they don’t because that is what truly helps me to grow. There are so many other great things about fashion blogging but when it comes to the best of the best; it always comes down to my genuine followers and what they think.


3. Describe your style and who influenced you to pursue fashion.

My style is diverse. Some days I gravitate towards a simple and less-is-more look while on other days I want to go all out and be loud to create a unique statement. But modesty is consistent in my style, which also comes from my culture and background. Many people influence me to pursue fashion and it has changed from time to time. My biggest inspiration for a successful fashion career is Danielle Bernstein from @weworewhat.


4. Is blogging your profession or hobby?

Blogging is my hobby for now, I work full time at the World Bank in Washington DC. Someday I would like to be a semi-professional blogger in the fashion industry, and I say semi because I also love my job at the World Bank and do not want to let go of my vision to help others. I really would like to start a “Fashion For Cause” Campaign one day to combine my two passions.

Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Sherri Hill and Gucci (after the creative designer change). I love to shop at ASOS as it caters a variety and I am always up to trying out new brands. Zara is my go-to for formal clothing specifically!

6. Things you first notice on anyone’s outfit.

The fit! As funny as it sounds, a beautifully embellished outfit made out of unicorn dreams can look sloppy if it isn’t the right fit for you!. I am also a certified shoe-a-holic so I always notice shoes too!

7. One recent trend that you love the most.

I love dramatic sleeves and I am so glad that it has made a come back from the 80s. it’s hard to choose just one trend so I am also going to say chokers!

8.One fashion rule you never break.

What’s a fashion rule?Everything works these days!

9. Your current style icon.

Danielle Bernstein from @weworewhat and Camila Coelho. I love their styles!

10. Which city do you consider most fashionable?

Beijing! The one time I visited, everywhere I went I saw ladies in statement pieces in broad daylight on a weekday morning and I just thought to myself “Wow! These ladies don’t miss an opportunity to put the best fashion foot forward!”. I would also add Dubai second to the list.


11. What is your must-have accessory and perfume?

A good pair of sunglasses that can do so much for you! Hide your eye bags, bring your outfit together, protect you from getting wrinkles from the sun etc. etc. My all-time favorite perfume is Lady in a Million by Paco Robanne.


12. One thing you splurge on.
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
13. What is your favourite item in your closet right now?

This Self-Portrait look alike dress that was a steal from SHEIN! It’s my favorite because I did not have to spend a fortune to get a good quality and well-fitted dress – yay!! And also a holographic Tory Burch clutch that my sister-in-law gifted to me.

14. What advice do you want to give to other bloggers?
Be yourself, I know that sounds so so so cliché but truly works because social media is saturated with look-alikes! But no one is a version of you except you so use that to your benefit and make it your unique selling point. As for people who are thinking about becoming bloggers. Just start. If you are one of those people who like to follow fashion trends and share your tips and tricks with your friends, its time for you to start. Some people have hidden talents that they don’t realize but with social media going so big in this industry, who knows where blogging may take you? Right?
15. If you could have three wishes, what would those be?
Wish 1 – I want horrid things happening in the world to stop. Can we just go back to simpler times?
Wish 2 – Be able to help my family and friends in any way possible. The ability to be there emotionally and financially!
Wish 3 – Become famous in the fashion blogging industry (not the paparazzi kind of famous though!) Haha. If I am able to influence people then that would be a great opportunity for me to help others!



Loved what you read above? Well, you can get yourself a daily dose of style fix by visiting her YouTube channel and Instagram. Ciao!

Sana Khan

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