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Dana Hasson


1.Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in fashion?

My name is Dana Hasson (pronounced like don-uh) and I grew up in Israel and since I was a young girl my mom would tell me stories of how I would always dress up and wear heels around the house 24/7. She would also tell me how she thought this was just a phase but soon enough she realized this is going to be me forever. When I was 13, I moved to New York where I learned English in only 6 months, after doing that I told myself that if I could learn a new language in such a short period of time, I can do anything. I always had a love for fashion, it was almost like a crush that I never gave a try to until I started my college career where I decided to major in Fashion Merchandising and see where I could go from there. During my freshman year, I was kind of lost and had no idea where I wanted to be when I graduated. That summer going into my Sophomore year I decided I want to create a fashion Instagram (at this point I still didn’t know where I was going with this but I gave it a try). September 2016 came and after a lot of research, I had finally realized what I wanted to do, become a blogger. I created my website and got a photographer to help me get good quality pictures and I started posting every day to try and build a following. Within just a few months I got amazing feedback and pushed myself more and more. Now I have over 3,000 followers just within a little over a year. It’s crazy how you can have a whole life and career within social media.


2. One best thing about being a fashion blogger.

The best thing about being a fashion blogger is the people I get to work with and the support from my friends and family and of course my amazing followers who see me building my career one day at a time.

3. Your current style icon.

My forever and always style icon is Chiara Ferrangi. She has been one of my biggest motivation to start my blog and I hope one day I will be able to tell her that in person.


4. One fashion rule you never break.

Well.. there are a lot of rules that I try not to break when it comes to fashion but the most important one to me is to never wear navy and black together. It is just a big NO!

5. What are your favorite designer and brands you like to shop?

My top 5 designers and brands to shop are:

Rebecca Minkoff
Zara / / (online)
European stores (Mango, Breshka, Pull& Bear)


6.  Describe your style and who influenced you to pursue fashion.

I would say my style is a city girl lifestyle who is always on the go. I like switching up my style with new seasons and trends but as an overall, my style is an everyday city girl. The person who influenced me to pursue fashion is mostly me but also my friends and family. They would always ask me to dress them or give them tips and with time it made me realized that I need to do something about this and take it to the next level.


7.One recent trend that you love the most.

My favorite trend right now is metallic. I LOVE metallic and sparkles and so I am loving this trend.


8.What is that one thing you never leave your house without?

A cute bag and lipstick of course.


9. What advice do you want to give to other bloggers?

Don’t give up even if it gets hard and frustrating and to always continue working hard because it pays off.


10. Which city do you consider most fashionable?

NYC without any question.


11. Things you first notice on anyone’s outfit.

Their top and shoes. If the shoes and top don’t go together you should change your outfit asap.


12. One thing you splurge on.

Makeup and shoes. I try to stay away from that but you know.


13. What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

My faux fur Jacket.


14. What is your must-have accessory and perfume?

My MUST have accessories are earrings and rings. And my go-to perfume is 212 by Carolina Herrera & Versace Bright Crystal.

15. What is that one thing you would do if you have all the money and resources to do it?

A dream of mine for a little while now is to create fashion shows in poor countries with local designers and support their culture.


To see more from Dana, visit her Blog and Instagram. Keep yourself updated with all the current trends and latest styles in fashion.

Dana Hasson

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