Embracing The True African Culture

African fashion has been known for its unique designs and bold colors, from corrosive oranges to radiant blues. They are not apprehensive of bold combinations, patterns and hues. Colorblocking is the one thing that they do so perfectly, keeping us wanting for more. African style carries a pervasive impact that can be seen at fashion shows around the globe.

James Kalu started a blog that captures the true enhance the African fashion. He has a taste for fashion and design since childhood. Here are few of his work that showcases his creativity and talent.


Fashionfit, unlike other blogs is a portal which intends to show the arduous journey of a man to satisfy the undying hunger for fashion of the people and also inspire them in this ever-growing world of fashion.We seek to bring African brands to the world by immensely appreciating African taste and culture, together with trending fashion emerging from Africa.

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    Wow.. This is so nice, thank you so much @teamlookvine

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