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1. Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in fashion?

Hey! My name is Kristina Salmina, I live in Miami, but I was born and raised in Russia. At the age of 12, I started attending model school for young teens, where I began learning about fashion, modeling and styling, that was real fun! That’s where I started falling in love with the whole fashion industry.


2. Is fashion blogging your profession or hobby?

Currently, I’m building my fashion inspired Instagram into professional blog, so I can call it my profession very soon . Even though it’s started as a hobby, somehow, it’s always have been part of my life. While studying for my Linguistics major prior to moving to US, I was working as creative assistant in a photo studio, and that experience helps me a lot with creating fashion content for my IG now.


3. Your current style icon.

I don’t really have a style Icon, but I’m inspired by so many people of different times, real or fictional.  Models, movie actors, book characters, designers, real people in my life etc. But I should say, I’m a big fan of fashion magazines from 90’s, they are just Fabulous! Models and photographers from that time are absolute inspiration.

4. One fashion rule you never break.

Never wear sweatpants outside and never dress too casual! Sounds like judgment, but it’s really not!  There should always be something that defines your personal style, details and accessories play a huge role.


5. What are your favourite designer and brands you like to shop?

It’s hard to talk of favorites, there are just so many I love! TopShop, Revolve and Zara are always a great choice for shopping! They have everything you need. Acne Studios is incredible brand, I think I love every piece they sell. I really like Victoria Beckham latest collection, I think she is pure class and so very Posh.


6. Describe your style and who influenced you to pursue fashion.

That’s a hard one! It will depend on the mood, but I would describe my style as Classic & Rocky, effortlessly-chic and a bit edgy. I like to look sleek and sharp but feeling relaxed at the same time.

7. One recent trend that you love the most.

Blazers! I always loved them and they never really ‘went out of fashion’ for me, but I love current variety of the designs.


8. What is that one thing you never leave your house without?

Purse or little bag, or a big one or a clutch, there must be something where I can carry my lipstick, cellphone, lip balm and a pen. I do make a lot of notes, so yes, pen would be a must.


9. What advice do you want to give to other bloggers?

You must be very persistent! Everyday! Follow your own unique style, don’t just do what other bloggers do, but learn from them as much as you can! It’s all about YOU and what YOU love.


10. Which city do you consider most fashionable?

I haven’t visited all Fashion capitals yet, but I would still vote for NYC.


11. Things you first notice on anyone’s outfit.

I think that would be bottoms and shoes and details, I would even say details come first. Purse, watch, jewelry, sunglasses, you can tell so much about people by the sunglasses they wear.


12. One thing you splurge on.

That will probably be denim bottoms or any bottoms in general, it’s just so hard to say no to them! But, apart from fashion, I’m a big music fan and can’t see myself missing a nice rocky concert in town. I’ve been twice at U2, twice at Depeche Mode and Madonna (just can’t miss it, it’s Madonna!), One Republic too and The Killers are coming to Miami next month, so I must go!

13. What is your favourite item in your closet right now?

I’m obsessed with my fiddler cap from Brixton! Couldn’t be happier these styles are back, I loved them since always.


14. What is your must-have accessory and perfume?

All-time favorites are MaxMara and David Yurman, currently enjoying Jimmy Choo’s L’eau.


15. What is that one thing you would do if you have all the money and resources to do it?
Having all the money and resources to do one thing, I will travel and reside in different cities, learn new languages and lifestyles.


For more fashion inspiration and beach style tips, visit her Instagram and stay tuned with the latest trends.



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