Learn How To Look Fashionable In Friday Formals

Looking for online style motivation, it’s anything but difficult to tumble down the dark opening of Insta-hellfire. When you finally look away from your phone, you realize – you’re still in your robe, with no thought what to wear (we’ve all been there). You understand you’ve burned through two entire days looking through the feeds and got nothing. Which kind of invalidates the purpose.

Well, we have something great for you. The best inspiration for formal outfits from fashionable Milan to the coolest New York, scroll down for some classy and fun take on formal fashion trends.



You name it and she has done it all. She is an Entrepreneur, Attorney and Fashionista. Her style is always on point. Get some pointer for formal fashion that is so chic.

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As a lawyer with a background in fashion Kim has always had a foot in two worlds. With Legal Fashion Nomad she brings those world together showing alternatives to the classic business suit. Classic staples with a twist.

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Just a simple girl working fashionably. Her Instagram is filled with office wear for women. You can take style tips for your daily formals.

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Aziza Makamé

Colourful Individual, spreading joy & optimism. She is a fashion blogger whose style is quirky and elegant. No one enhances basics like her.

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Design Dingo

Putting together an outfit for office is a headache. Visit this Instagram page and you will find different formal outfits that are very well put together and looks stylish.

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When not running her blog and insta, She works as a corporate adviser and wealth manager. In her spare time, she loves taking pictures, travel, interior design and spending time with her family and friends. She has a son who is 16 months and another one on its way. Like everybody else, she is trying to find a balance between work and leisure time. And her attitude to most things is ‘just do it’.

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She is a full-time banker. Fashion and styling are always the things that she is passionate about. Not only that fashion evokes her mood in the morning but also it just brings so much confidence in her. So after all that, She thought why not using the Instagram platform to share her daily outfit ideas with the rest of the world, and hope this can also benefit other women who are striving in their workforce and would like to look the best version of themselves.
In her spare time, She is a causal stylist and model too. She loves the idea that women can share and motivate each other by all means. Whether it is via photo or style fashion or even an article that is just incredibly powerful.

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May Raquel

May gives a sartorial elegance to dresses and skirts. She stirs up her ultra-ladylike style with exemplary staples, with a twist.

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She is not just a typical fashion blogger, she also does interior designing. She is all about effortless style. Quality basics and contemporary style.

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She has an exquisite and fun take on formal fashion trends. She styles her outfit in a way that can double as office wear and evening wear.

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Haomiao Yu

Our diva in the spotlight is a Doctor. She is fashionable and got an amazing sense of formal fashion. She is a beautiful woman inside out.

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She is all about formal fashion. We have to go to office regularly and sorting outfits can be hectic. Never repeating an outfit is not an option. Visit Jules profile and you will know how to mix an match an outfit.

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Faith & Fashion

Everyone is Instagram ready these days but here is our beautiful lady who is very true to herself and her followers. She always shares real-life and easily achievable looks.

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