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Luna Loca


You may think that how a woman, educated as a Chemical Engineer with Human Resources Management and Development master’s degree, worked in serious sectors, managed serious departments and still working seriously, starts writing about style, sports and travel.



As I aged to my 40s, my point of view to life and world changed and caused me to look at from different angles. I was born and raised in Istanbul and at the age of 42, I started to live also in Geneva, which is totally opposite to my hometown of Istanbul. I met with people of different cultures from all around the world, not only for business but also in my private life.


Ebru Bilgebey

I also discovered that the pleasure is not only in the sight of my limited point of view in life. I fell in love with sports, I couldn’t stand to stay in the same city more than a fortnight. I love to dress up and I started to show my style on an Instagram page that I opened for Luna Loca (Crazy Moon) accessory brand which I turned my mother’s hobby into a business.

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I ended up with the idea of writing my travels, sports life and style. Being someone who loves to make everything together, I wanted to share my further “Crazy Projects” with you through this page. Not to be so serious, I call my page, not as a “blog” but a “localog” and position myself not as a “blogger” but a “localogger”.


Luna Loca

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