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With the rise of the digital age and the rapid growth of the necessity and popularity of the web, photography has entered a new age. It has taken on a larger role in modern media. Nearly every person in America is an amateur photographer on a regular basis, taking selfies and snapshots with friends and family. This article proposes several steps which ought to be taken by any photographic enthusiasts who wish to improve their photography skills for personal goals and/or publicity and monetization of their work.

An artist considers much more than whether their photograph is beautiful, or ugly, they consider whether it tells a story and how that story can be communicated more effectively. Consider a photograph’s purpose and try collaborating with other photographers and artists to bring your images to the next level.

Chicche Di Chicca

Giulio Musardo

Ferenc Boloni

Ferenc Boloni is a photographer from Budapest. He loves capturing the real moments of people’s life. You can find him on the streets of Budapest on a busy day capturing beautiful souls.

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Will Adams



Visit these photographers for some tips and amazing outlook of things.

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