16 Insansely Cool OutFits Ideas To Try Now

1. Be yourself ever and try to surprise always with style, its good to follow fashion examples and icons to get inspiration, but always improve your creativity and originality to get the personal touch that makes the difference.
2. Unlimited possibilities.
3. The freedom of expression. I like that you can make it yours. A piece that others wear can look totally different when you wear it based on how you style
4. It is difficult to name one street style icon, but a few definite influences would include Jerry Lorenzo, Shepherd Fairey, Black Scale, Virgil Abloh, Greg Lauren, Pharrell and Kanye West.
5. I like the street style as I believe you can really mix the style and put on great overall outfits, you can go laid back, casual or smart casual with street style.
6. The fashion, telling a story of everyday people.
7. Lifestyle and travel
8. The style is transitional, whether it is transitioning from person to person, mind to mind, or one thing to another, the goal is to be transitional, because it leads to transformation.
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