18 Cool Outfit Ideas That Women Should Try

1. Less is more but it’s all about the details!
2. What I like about fashion is to everyone it is completely unique and because of this a person can style themselves as a glamour queen one night and the next day, dress as a beach goddess.
3. What I love about fashion, is the fact that I get to express myself through the clothes that I’m wearing based on my mood.Mostly I get to show different sides of my personality
4. My fashion style in one sentence would be comfortable but graphics at the same time.
5. I would say my fashion style is casual bright n’ bold.
6. Sukeban is about expressing love for all the strong women in the world. Without them, there would be no us.
7. At street style what we like the most is freedom, the possibility of combining different styles and clothes. Street style offers us the possibility to express our posture and beliefs in an informal and indirect way.
8. I will describe my fashion style as casual chic but I also dress depending on my “mood” I can go to a girly, classic, edgy to a boho chic look.
9. Fashion is a way to show my characteristics without speaking. You can easily tell I am a joyful and fun person by just what I wear.
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