6 Street Style Looks Every One On Lookvine Is Obsessed With Style

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shivani dhyani

What do you like about Street style ?

where style is born and where it thrives. But the street is more than that. It’s where a city finds its soul its pulse its purpose we liked street style because it wasn’t about celebrities it was about real people. But then real people became celebrities

Describe your Street style style in one sentence?

Mould (as your style you can mould this product)

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What do you like about Fashion ?

The thing about fashion that I really like is that you could be whoever you want every single day. There are no rules anymore and that’s the thing that inspires me the most at the moment.

Describe your Fashion style in one sentence?

This is a question that I really can’t answer. Even though there are certain clothing pieces that I reach to on a daily basis, I still don’t want to limit myself to a defined style. I like to think about dressing and style on a larger scale. Let’s wake up tomorrow and see whoever I want to be that day.

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