Journey From Middle Class Family To Top Model – Vasim Shaikh

Vasim Shaikh


1. Tell us about yourself and how did you develop an interest in fashion?

It was just by chance and luck that I had landed into modeling and it was a great pocket money at that time. I came from a very middle-class family and extra money was never a thing for us. My father was a typist.
My brother stopped study so I can complete my education. So, anything extra came very handily to us. Modeling and acting started as a great way of making that income and slowly that part-time job turned into a summer job to a steady job. Now I am blessed that I am one of the top Indian male models.

2. Is fashion blogging your profession or hobby?

Fashion blogging is my Hobby, but Modeling and acting both are my passion because I feel my soul when I am on the ramp and in front of the camera.

3. Your current style icon.

My style icon: Johnny Depp

4. One fashion rule you never break.

If you don’t care how you look, you’re never going to look good. You can put on the best clothes in the world and you’ll still look like a kid dressing up for a school play. Attitude is everything, in style and in life. I start my personal style journey every day by giving a damn about who I am and what I represent — my business, my family, and my values.

“It all starts here”. And without this rule, no one’s ever going to get much of anywhere — in improving his wardrobe, or in anything else.

5. What are your favorite designer and brands you like to shop?

Mmmm… Difficult question. I think I don’t have a specific favorite designer. I usually love Alexander McQueen designs, Mr. Aarish also one of my favorite designers, They make the gorgeous stuff. Aarish has a sense of “drapé” that is pretty amazing, it enhances any sort of material, and I like the idea of simple things being the most beautifully handsome ones. I usually shop at H & M.

6. Describe your style and who influenced you to pursue fashion.

I would say that I have loved fashion since I was a child. My mom told me once that when I was little I used to change my outfits constantly throughout the day and loved to play different monologues from the movie. My style: As I said Positive attitude is very important. So, style is a reflection of an attitude and personality.




7. One recent trend that you love the most.

As if the wave wasn’t picking up already. A lot of loose trousers were seen during Fashion Week. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of them, I’m still going to stick with the tailored trouser because it does make guys look better. However, it does seem like it’s making a comeback and I wouldn’t be surprised in 1-2 years from now if that’s the norm.

8. What is that one thing you never leave your house without?

My Bag: Contains all my important things which will be required throughout the course of the day.
Like Mobile phone, Wallet, handkerchief, notebook, pen, sunscreen, moisture and a small bottle of water.

9. What advice do you want to give to other bloggers?

Always listen to your heart and never copy style. Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.



10. Which city do you consider most fashionable?

Mumbai(India) and Paris (France) both most fashionable for me.

11. Things you first notice on anyone’s outfit.

Not me but most of the people Subconsciously Notice – Your Shoes

12. One thing you splurge on.

As I like to meet different people from different culture. So, I splurge on traveling, adventure activities and most important thing shopping.

13. What is your favorite in your closet right now?


14. What is your must-have accessory and perfume?

My must-have accessory: Watch
My must-have Perfume: Polo Ralph Lauren blue.

15. What is that one thing you would do if you have all the money and resources to do it?

If I have enough money and resources then I will open one modeling and acting institute in my hometown So I will guide youth and talent. Additionally, I always dream to open a “COMFORTABLE OLD AGE HOUSE” Elderly people take the painful decision to move to the old age homes in India: Sometimes grown-ups fail to realize their duty and are so much engrossed in their personal lives that they feel it’s a burden to keep the parents with them.

For more fashion inspiration, visit his Instagram and stay tuned with the latest trends.

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    Aarti_Celeb. Designer

    OMG vasim, let me TELL you, you are inspiration for new talent who want to reach on top in fashion industry.
    More to come. Hugs and Love. 🤗

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    Belive me,
    I would not be the person I am today without followimg you and I know that you will keep inspiring me to become an even better version of myself.

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    Sanaya jain

    I have never been more proud to know someone and to call someone my role model. You have taught me so many things and I want to thank you.

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    very inspiring

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      TRUE. Inspiration of many. ✌✌✌

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    SNEHA bajaj

    Awaiting more interview. Long way to go men. More to come. God bless you with all health, wealth, name and fame….AMEEN

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    Masaallah, without any STrong MODELING BACKGround you achieved the dream of many. You are TRUELY gem. Champ.

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