April 05 , 2018

18 Makeup Tips And Tricks

9 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup   1. Makeup is an art and you should let your creativity shine through! @makeupby_ariadnemeza 2. Be you. Style and beauty are all about feeling good in your own skin. Experiment with makeup, hair & clothing trends that make you happy! @amymarie_gee 3. Perfect makeup look as a […]

10+ Casual Wear For Women Should Try

8 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear   1. Never compromise your fashion to fit into someone else’s style. @shunitawynne 2. fashion is democratic. no restrictions but just be you when you dress. @studioone_photography 3. Live the life That you dream of! @sucarov 4. Always choose colors that go together or we can very […]

15+ Makeup Looks That Will Look Clean

10 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Makeup   1. Try to allow the time to practice and present what you’re passionate about. For me it’s makeup, for you, it may be something else. @mdarling2016 2. Makeup in whole life, it’s just such an interesting way to express yourself. @glamourtoyou_ 3. Never try to be someone […]

12 Perfect Makeup Ideas to Look Sexy

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup   1. Perfect makeup look is inspired by anyone in particular except for myself. @kissablelipswithelise 2. The capability of neverending creation, mixing colors, textures, consistencies, and finishes in something beautiful. Or ugly. @redmylipsart 3. Classic make-up is always super beautiful and always in fashion. @symkovychb 4. Be comfortable […]

14 Super-Easy Steps for Makeup

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup   1. Makeup is so fascinated by the fact that you can blend colors and create art with make-up. It also enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel pretty. @priyanka.p.sethia 2. Makeup is about showing your creativity and at the same time an effort to look gorgeous. […]

10 Fashion Beachwear for Men

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Beachwear   1. Beachwear makes you feel free and makes sure you’re very close to nature. @mariantek 2. Beachwear is that it literally need fewer clothes on, you can walk around just wearing my shorts and that’s fine. @atomic.benj 3. It’s very casual and you can feel relaxed in […]