10+ Beautiful Summer Nail Art Designs To Try This Summer 2018

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect art look can be different for each individual so being able to create that for each client is a great feeling. Celina Ryden is one of My biggest influence in the nail art world.
2. Perfect Nail Art – I am absolutely loving a clear nail with some intricate designs or line work. I closely follow Celina Ryden for inspiration, her nails always drool-worthy.
3. Perfect Nail Art – Perfect nail art for me is very flirty dramatic sassy but classy. A lot of tribal art with some bright colors. And add a little hint of glitter. @poochieznails @tippietoes work inspires me to become better and better at what I love to do.
4. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look belongs to my style and the fashion too. Right now, I’m doing colorful and summery nail arts but I often try new styles.
5. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect set of claws is shaped perfectly and looks pretty on the hands, obviously. More importantly, however, the perfect set of claws should make the person wearing them feel the most confident and beautiful. A perfect set of claws has the power to make their owner constantly look at their nails with a smile on his or her face. They should make their owner talk with his or her hands a lot and would also be a conversation starter for everyone that they meet.
6. Perfect Nail Art – My perfect Nail Art look wouldn’t be over complicated, keeping it simple allows the design to pop & something with glitter preferably.
7. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look is whatever you like and feel like at the time. If it makes you (the wearer) happy, it’s perfect! And I’m inspired by Kirsty Meakin. Her creations are amazing, always evolving, encouraging me to push myself to the next level
8. Perfect Nail Art – It’s difficult to describe the perfect look as designs, styles, and trends change so often. It’s great when a client is open-minded and as enthusiastic about a new look as you are. A good collection of Izabelle Hammon decals are always a must! Easy to apply but so effective. Fellow Calgel tech, Gemma Wainwright’s work is stunning and Celina Rydén also does some incredible nail art!
9. Nail Art provides a way to show your creativity from subtle pastel details to holo-extreme wild nails!
10. Perfect Nail Art – I love the simplicity and first and foremost the health of nails and skin. My inspiration is à French girl like me is account is @bleucocotte, she’s so talented and I like her definition of beauty: care, natural, womanity, be yourself.
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