10+ Breathtaking Makeup Ideas

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. The perfect Makeup look is the makeup that defines and shows the features of the face, and I get my inspiration from Patrick Starr youtube and Desi Perkins.
2. What interests me in Makeup – Everything, because you can style yourself different with different products. I think a perfect Makeup look is a look you feel good at wearing it.
3. My perfect makeup look is something that doesn’t cover up too much; that shows your natural skin! Glowy skin with a simple eye look and defined brows and cheekbones are my go-to. I’m inspired by makeup artist Pat McGrath and many of Kim Kardashian’s makeup looks.
4. What interests me in Makeup – The manifold variations and colors. Never do Cosplay without Lenses, Make-up or Wig.
5. I don’t believe there is a “perfect” look. The reason for this is I may like something completely different than others. Also, what works for others might not work for me. That is why I can’t describe the perfect look. I am a believer in bold lip colors.
6. My perfect makeup look is soft nude eyes with winged liner and lots of mascara, pairing up with classic red or wine lips. This look never goes wrong no matter what the occasion is.
7. What interest me in makeup is a gorgeous lip color, I can never get enough. Well, I’m a fan of makeup, to me clear skin is one of the most important factors of a perfect makeup look. I love the way Jlo wears her makeup, she usually sticks to a natural glowing palette.
8. My obsession is the lipsticks if they are in red or garnet tones much better. Although, I like them all. My perfect makeup would be, black eyeliner, a lot of mascara, a nude shadow, and a red lipstick.
9. I think a perfect makeup look is when you have clean and well-blended face beat. No harsh lines and no too much product and in that aspect, I think Huda Kathan (Hudabeauty) inspires me a lot.
10. Perfect makeup look is the smooth foundation look with eyeliner and a bold lip. All of the beauty influencers: Jeffery Starr, ITSMYRAYERAYE, VanityMakeup, Manny Mua, Renny Vasquez!
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