10+ Cool Summer Nail Art Design Ideas

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. What I like about Nail Art – I like how we can get so fancy with nail art! Our nails define our fashion personality and beautiful nail art always get the best compliments! We can get creative and decorate our nails to match our styles or outfits, whether if they’re simple or elaborate designs. Nail art is also a form of art and it’s one of the fewest kind of art that everyone can learn and master! I have been a fan of Japanese nail art for a Long time. I prefer fancy and elaborate designs as opposed to the simple minimalist designs. If you search the term “gyaru nails” on Google, you’ll get the gist. I don’t really have a style icon for nail art but I love the nail art done by @nailcarry_shibuya, @wiznail_0502 and @emiriawiz_nailhair
2. What I like about Nail Art – I like the beauty and elevation of self-esteem they cause in women who are often depressed. My inspiration/icon in the world Nail Art is Galichaiaolga.
3. What I like about Nail Art – My favorite thing about nail art is how different it can be, no two nails are exactly alike! My favorite style icon for nail art is definitely Celina Ryden!
4. What I like about Nail Art – The freedom that comes with it. I love being able to do anything I want, whether it’s to express myself, or complete an outfit, or even simply to pass time. The result is never a waste of an afternoon – there will be beauty in some part if not all.Everyone I follow is some kind of inspiration to me. If I were to narrow it down, I’d say @nyanails and @kassnailedit from Instagram. They have a style and flair that I cannot imitate and I love that about them.
5. What I like about Nail Art – I love how nail art knows no bounds and you can create whatever you like with no limitations. Also, to me, it’s the tiny detail that completes your outfit and perfects your look. It’s like having good taste in wine, not fundamental but says a lot about you. For nail supplies definitely OPI no doubt. And I also really like to shop at BeautyBigBang.com not just cause I’m a brand ambassador but also because they genuinely have quality nail supplies at really cheap prices!
6. What I like about Nail Art – I like the fact that there are no rules and I can do whatever I want. There is no good or wrong way of doing it. Also, it is for me a way to relax and forget about daily life stress. It is amazing that one moment I might have an idea and then I can transfer that to my nails:D It’s like an accessory to the outfit and whenever you feel like changing it, you can do so, like with earrings. And you know the feeling when you have something on your mind and then you create this thing? Then you feel that satisfaction in you and you just feel great. That is what I like about Nailart.
7. What I like about nail art is that anyone can wear it. Whether you prefer an understated look or bold colorful styles, there’s a design to suit you. There are a lot of great brands today. For regular nail polishes, I love brands like Cirque, Color Club, and Essie. For Gel polishes, I love Madam Glam.
8. What I like about Nail Art – a Small world with beautiful story. Nail art is simple, creative and fashionable.
9. What I like about nail art is that you can create everything you want. If you like some specific design of drawing or style, you can paint it on the nails. Apart from that, this kind of art is pretty relaxing to me.
10. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail art for me is composed of a classic nude or the classic red. There is not a particular person who inspires me, I draw inspiration from various pages of nail art on Instagram.
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