10+ Eye Makeup Tips To Look Younger

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Be creative and don’t listen to any haters! Do what makes you happy and try out new things and experiment with new looks.
2. Makeup is entire passion. Whenever you feel upset, angry, or stressed, just sit down at the desk and try out different looks.
3. Makeup has given a form of confidence that you don’t think you would’ve had before.
4. Make up, it makes you more confident and gives you power for all day. It’s amazing when you can give this power another woman and they can feel the same.
5. Makeup has always been something enjoyed doing, love taking the time out and getting glammed up. Makeup is so interesting as everyone has their own way of doing things, their own style.
6. We are all unique, and we all deserve to be accepted, from the way of dressing to make-up style.
7. The perfect makeup looks to me is the no makeup, makeup look. There are so many ways to achieve this look. You can either go bare face with some mascara and gloss and add a pop of liquid highlighter.
8. The ability to enhance one natural beauty and boosting one self-confidence with colors.
9. Perfect makeup look is when everything accentuates and defines the natural beauty of someone’s facial features.
10. Makeup is the artistic side and the fact that thanks to the makeup we can show our personality.
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