10+ Fall Nail Art Designs You’ll Love

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look would be a perfectly sculpted stiletto nail with some art, glitter, and crystals. Bling is the best. @ Margaritasnailz @impekablenails and @dazzlindigits10 are just three of my inspirations.
2. Perfect Nail Art – As it is spring, I imagine pastel colors on natural precious-coated nails. Add a fine ornament, which will make it a little more special. A person who inspires me is @yagala. She creates hundreds of interesting nail designs.
3. Perfect Nail Art – It’s so tough to pick! But if I had to pick, I’d say the perfect nail art look is a black and gold striping tape and rhinestone pattern (picture attached). While I enjoy making complex nail design, especially ombre tones, black, and gold reminds me of Coco Chanel’s silhouette looks, that redefine style with elegance.
4. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect manicure for me must be done neatly and must match the styling, it should be a complement to the outfit just like shoes or a handbag. I do not have one person who inspires me, so many girls do beautiful nails and it was difficult to choose one. The whole Instagram is full of inspiration for me.
5. I have never chipped nails! That is one rule that I really try not to break. Having my nails look nice gives me a ton of confidence, too.
6. Perfect Nail Art – Perfect nail art look would be rose gold with feature nail with marble effect.
7. Perfect Nail Art – Nail sticker called ‘sha-nail’ in Japan is all used for my art. Because it is a high-quality sticker, art that can not be done with hand paint is also possible.
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