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10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. What I love about nail art is that you can really get creative and have fun expressing yourself. Nail art can really say a lot about you. It is like another fun accessory.
2. Perfect Nail Art – I think you can achieve infinite perfect looks. If you combine the right color, the stroke, some brightness, and passion. A good structure on the nail should never fail. My greatest references: Tino Vo and Robin Moses.
3. Perfect Nail Art – The Perfect Nail Art For Me Is A Really Neutral Nail Color With Glitter And A Lot Of Rhinestones To Make The Nail POP! I Think Anyone That Wears Different Types Of Nails Truly Inspires Me To Try And Do New Things.
4. What I love about Nail Art – I love its versatility, it transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary and leaves my client with their own unique touch. My Nail Art Style is simple but effective, sometimes it’s not about what you have, it’s how you have it.
5. What I Love About Nail Art – I like expression of feelings that nail art makes us to make.
6. What I love about Nail Art – I like that nail art gives you another avenue to express your personality. Nails aren’t something that everyone pays attention to but they can say a lot about a person.
7. What I love about Nail Art – I prefer neutral and dark colors. I can’t say that I have style icon for Nail art, but I am very impressed with pshiiit.com about Nail art.
8. What I love about Nail Art – It makes me feel good and happy, and it gives me hope for a better life. My style icon is Tracy-orielife @Tracynailz
9. What I love about Nail Art – I feel as though Nail Art is a form of self-expression, it gives you a sense of style in your own way. When I get my nails done it makes me feel complete and gives me the ability to stand out from the crowd by transforming a basic Mani into a true work of art. Whether I get my nails short, long or medium with diamonds, glitter or crystals, each stone represents something significant to me.
10. What I love about Nail Art – I love being able to express my state of mind in my nails. Be it romanticism, elegance, joy. Anyway, it’s a cool way to express feelings. Besides being a therapy for me. I like the classic, but I find it very limiting to define style because I like to think that I am free to put on my nails what I think is beautiful at the moment.
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