10 Sexy Eye Makeup Ideas to Help You!!!

10 Instagrammers are rocking the eye makeup everyone have to know this

1. Make sure you have a nice base (foundation) ,use moisturizer and apply foundation with a beautyblender for a beautiful result . And use a setting spray to get rid of the excess powder.
2. Perfect makeup look would Sun set cut crease with orange, yellow. Red and white.
3. Perfect makeup look as brows, a pair of fluffy lashes, glowy skin and a pink nude lip.
4. I believe that you cant break any rules when it comes to fashion, everyone has different sense of style and should be able to express it in their own way.
5. A perfect makeup look to me is crisp and clean, they are well blended and have executed their look sharply. I love a look that does not look messy and rushed–even if it is!
6. The perfect makeup looks are either a nice smokey cut crease or any glitter makeup looks, cant go wrong with glitter. Also, perfect like soft contour and killer brows and highlight, lots of highlight. Like a really good eyelook with a neutral lip color or vice versa.
7. I like that it gives me the ability to add flair to my face whenever I feel like it.
8. A perfect makeup look requires a really good base, lots of blending and a couple of transition colors. A perfect makeup look in my eyes is the one you can stare for a good min and just enjoy those colors blended to perfection.
9. Makeup is the creativity behind the process and the expression in the final product. It’s an entire moment where I can choose to create what I want and get lost in the possibilities of how I can interpret myself.
10. Perfect eyes and bright lips, people who inspire a lot.
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