10 Stunning Makeup Women Ideas To Make You Look Sexy

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Perfect Makeup Look – I love a Basic but Classic look; Natural Brows, Fresh Skin, Bold Eyeliner and a Red Lip. People relate basic to boring, but I think it’s actually the opposite. I love the phrase “Less is more” and one of my biggest inspirations for the basic but Classic look is Teni Panosian and Desi Perkins, they are both bloggers who I find to be very inspiring.
2. Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect makeup look is a simple eye, with a pop of color, a nude lip and perfect contour. Oh and a blinding highlighter! One tip you to readers – Master one skill first! It’s so much that goes into a perfect, full face and it can become overwhelming for a beginner. Focus on one skill at a time. Master your brows first, then try winged liner, maybe a perfect lip next, followed by the perfect foundation/contour and finally eyeshadow! Learn makeup one step at a time.
3. Perfect Makeup Look – I love clean, glowing makeup. I believe skin should always look like skin. This is the feature I focus most on and am known for. My favorite artist who does this so well is my mentor, Celebrity MUA Mali Thomas. She more recently has had a campaign with makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills and the images are stunning! Lots of glow.
4. What interests me in Makeup – Makeup is so much fun, there are so many different ways you can play with makeup and achieve different styles and looks! I think that makeup should always be used as a way of enhancing your natural beauty. Perfect Makeup Look – It would have to be a natural look with a touch of glamour. We can’t forget some gorgeous women that their makeup was always on point like Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Lauren only to mention a couple.
5. Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect makeup look for me would be a bold eye with a nude lip. Whether that bold eye is big lashes or a pop of color it doesn’t matter. Beyoncé has always been my makeup inspiration, she always looks so great with her nude lips.
6. Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect makeup look would, of course, have to be a glamed out the smokey eye with just a hint of glitter in the liner corner of the eye.Beautiful long wispy lashes. Flawless foundation with the perfect contour. Slight peachy blush with a glowing highlight.then to top it off with a pink nude matte lip.The person who inspires a lot of my makeup looks is Jamie Genevieve.Who is an amazing Scottish artist who I found on Instagram.she is just so gorgeous and a great inspiration
7. Perfect Makeup Look – I would say a perfect makeup look is one where no matter how extravagant or unnatural the look is, it still manages to look flawless and beautiful. Flawless skin and using colors that complement an individual person is key in my eyes – making my eyes pop and look bigger is always my number one concern when I do my makeup. I am obsessed with pink-blush eyeshadow looks, which has been super common on the red carpet recently.
8. What interests me in Makeup – I’m interested in the makeup, it’s the fact of being able to decide at any time to change your head according to your mood and your state of mind. Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect makeup is natural makeup, its learn that no one CAN guess that you have a makeup.
9. What interests me in Makeup – I think makeup is so much more, you can change yourself so much with a little bit of makeup and I think this is really amazing. Perfect Makeup Look – I love the glowy kind of makeup look. With many highlighters and glowy skin. I am not a fan of wearing too much makeup so it would be a kind of “natural glowy makeup”, I think.
10. Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect makeup look to me is something that just enhances your features and doesn’t cover them. For inspiration, I really like Kim Kardashian’s neutral make-up and I think her skin is just the right amount of Dewey. Or someone less known compared to Kim is @daisymarquez_ on Instagram.
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