10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. Perfect Nail Art – Sleek, subtle but fierce is the perfect nail art look. Celina Ryder, Talia is very inspirational techs! Also, use cuticle oil and never let nail polish crack on your nails.
2. Perfect Nail Art – My perfect nail art look has a neutral base color and then a fun pop of color(s)! I absolutely love following Hilary Dawn Herrera (@hilarydawnherrera). She is such a talented nail artist, and I love that she posts YouTube tutorials and tutorials on her Instagram. Her techniques are so simple and they yield amazing art! And she just seems totally awesome!
3. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look, is when the nail edges are clean of nail polish and the tip edges are also painted. It’s not about complexity.
4. What interests me in Nail Art – The Creativity, you can do whatever you want, whenever and as often as you like with your nails. Even if you’re not the best nail artist in the world, your work can still get recognized by the nail art community.And the nail art community is the loveliest and most supportive community Ever. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail art look for is the one that describes you it can be the simplest design but should be neat and clean.
5. Before coating the decorative nail polish, I apply a base or a medical varnish on the nails! I believe that the ideal will always be gentle and tidy.
6. Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nail art look for me is the one that makes you feel like yourself. The one in which every corner of the nail screams your personality. I do have many inspirations, professionals and bloggers/beginners alike. Here are some: Chisty from @SparkleandCo, Suzie from @NailCareerEducation, Leah from @LuxaPolish, Angel from @twi_star and Josiah from @Creations_by_Josiah.
7. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail. Crisp clean and a design that pops the person who inspires me the most is @swoon nails she always does the most amazing nails and has the most brilliant ideas copies from wrapping paper to wall art.
8. Perfect Nail Art – Nail Art is minimalism and inspiration. I am inspired by museums, art, beautiful photos and travels.
9. Perfect Nail Art – I would describe it as something very precise and artistic, with which you can reflect what the client wants to convey.
10. Perfect Nail Art – My perfect Nail Art look is a Gradient in pastel colors. Sometimes, I like to top it with an elegant or easy Stamping Design. There isn’t a special person who inspires me, I always get my inspiration from smaller accounts on Instagram.
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