10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail Art


1. I like to play with colors, shapes, create from nothing, and take care of my client’s hands! Perfect Nail Art – The perfect nails must be simple but effective, surely there is no lack of Swarovski! I am inspired by all my clients who with crazy ideas give me the strength to experiment and move on!
2. Perfect Nail Art – To me a perfect nail art look is what makes the client leaving your nail table, leave with a smile on there face. I most definitely love a unique twist & an iconic accent nail. With that being said, a classic sexy red set of nails is a timeless go to, you can never go wrong with that! A Nail Artist that I gather a lot of Inspiration from Is Lorna Andrews a.k.a Ninja Nail Fairy, she has such a unique take on Nail Art and her way of teaching is amazing!
3. Perfect Nail Art – I love nail art that looks impossible, like super realistic or difficult. I’m not sure I have one person as inspiration. I try to follow a lot of different people to get ideas.
4. Perfect Nail Art – Stripes and florals are the perfect combination for me with nail art. There are so many variations, color combos, etc. your imagination is your only limit. I don’t have one specific person that inspires me. My nail art is inspired by other artists, prints I see on fabric, photos I see on Pinterest, etc.
5. Perfect Nail Art – For me, the perfect nail art look is simple with bold details. I take a lot of inspiration from Olive and June Instagram Account. Love all their designs! And of course, my nail designer, Jey Díaz, she’s so creative and always the one person responsible for giving me the confidence to try new things with my nails.
6. Perfect Nail Art – A clean, smooth, creative nail art application is always a perfect piece. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one line as long as it’s smoothly done. I am inspired by the talented Nail Artist Alicia Torello.
7. What interests me in Nail Art – I love drawing flowers and butterflies in different techniques give me harmony.
8. Perfect Nail Art – I think there is no perfect nail art look. All designs are beautiful and unique and all have something special. But for sure I can say what is bad nail art.
9. Perfect Nail Art – A perfect nail art look for me is color with a touch of glitter I love the red that is’ an evergreen, it’s always the style I get inspired by the magazines and the people I meet.
10. Perfect Nail Art – Of course, the perfect nail art has the finest lines or beautiful designs, however, it is Color that makes the art perfect. I have learned Nail Art by myself for years. No special knowledge. But, Makeup, Fashion, everything I see, gives me ideas to connect my feelings with coloring. Then the design follows afterward.
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