10 Super-Easy Make up Ideas for Looking Flawless

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Highlight the look! When seen, dress elegantly and maintain a good attitude. Because having elegance does not mean standing out, but being remembered! I know because I tell you my youngest self!
2. Editorial makeup is more of my thing! I love how a person’s face becomes a canvas for expressing concepts and telling a story. I’m really interested in what kind of stories are told from an eye makeup even before I consider the lips and other parts of the entire makeover.
3. What interests me in Makeup- I like natural make up, also for me the most important thing is nice and healthy skin, when you have it, you don’t need too much make up.
4. I like how we can play with colors and step out from our comfort zone and usual style just by wearing makeup. I love how makeup can increase one’s confidence and happiness level, even though others’ view can vary. Whenever I finish applying makeup – be it on me or somebody else – I always feel so satisfied and happy about the result! And it makes me happy as well to see that others are happy with my work on them.
5. What interests men in Makeup- lipstick and shadows.
6. What interests me in makeup- Colors! I love colors! The bolder, the better. Even though my light complextion tends to lead me in picking darker colored clothing, I absolutely go for any bold like lipsticks, eyeshadows, and sometimes even eyebrow colors.Colors can be mixed to create looks “clashes” like purple and yellow/gold, or can be blended together to make an array of different tones of one color. There are so many possibilities with colors, it’s always exciting!
7. What interests me in Makeup- There are so many different looks you can create with Makeup, you can truly be your own artist.
8. My go to makeup look is very natural, it has a lot of browns. I feel like it makes my eyes pop more.
9. What interests me in makeup- I’m just getting started with makeup, so I’m just interested in the basics. Eventually, I’d like to do some more dramatic looks, maybe try false eyelashes sometime!
10. I’m interested in colors, I’m interested in feeling good with makeup. I’m also interested in playing with makeup and being in harmony with what I really want to express with makeup!
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