10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Perfect Makeup Look – A perfect makeup appearance would define it as naturalness of the skin. The skin is the key to a beautiful makeup for this reason hydration and sun protection plays a role too important. Here are some important steps to take into account and wear a perfect makeup. a) After using a base according to your skin, use a loose powder to give a good finish and remove some gloss in the skin, you can also use a darker shade to give that tanned look on the cheeks and part of the forehead.b) Apply a little blush, an illuminator on top of the cheekbones. c) Define your eyebrows with a pencil, shadow or cream according to your preference and begin to fill in the small spaces that you may have simultaneously, do it with fine strokes to maintain a real and natural appearance, finally outline the outline of your eyebrows with a little base or corrector. d) Give depth to your eyes with a good mask, and a lipstick with a little shine.
2. What interests me in Makeup – I love makeup products and I would like people to use more conscious products. I love Bianca Balti and Miranda Kerr, I love their natural beauty look.
3. The phrase that best summarizes my style in makeup is: the most beautiful beauty remains the most natural of a woman. My main reference in makeup is makeup artist Pat McGrath.
4. Perfect Makeup Look – I don’t know if there is a perfect makeup look. I have a different conception of a perfect look for different occasions from everyday makeup to nights out. I am inspired by YouTube beauty gurus, especially those who don’t only use high-end makeup brands since it’s nice to see what kind of stunning looks people can create without breaking the bank!
5. What do I like about Makeup – I like that makeup lets me express myself in a different way every day – it’s an art form to me. I love my natural face, but one of my favorite things to do is play around with different shapes, colors, and even facial features.
6. Perfect Makeup Look – I am obsessed with Cara Brook. She promotes getting full coverage makeup in ten minutes. I love how I can feel beautiful and it doesn’t take ten years to do it. Good quality is always better than just a lot of stuff.
7. Perfect Makeup Look – A perfect makeup look to me is what I call “island glow” and it consists of dewy, sun-kissed skin with a very subtle contour and subtle eyeliner/mascara/eyelashes to finish the look. For me, the most important factor in makeup is the base, i.e. the foundation, the concealing, contouring, highlighting and the overall way in which the skin looks after this. A couple of wands of mascara on top of that, coupled with a liquid eyeliner – looks fab. I think Kim Kardashian nails this look. Shoutout Kim K’s makeup artist, he is very talented.
8. Perfect Makeup Look – I love the Au Natural look when it comes to makeup. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Olivia Palermo, and Miranda Kerr inspire me.
9. I wear costumes and accessories which I made. Fashion is also one of art and I coordinate as I do. What interests me in Makeup – I’m interested in coloring in eye make up.
10. What I like in the makeup is the multitude of possible combinations for the eyes. What I also like in the makeup is to be able to test new products or new brands. I’m addicted especially to lipsticks! In general, in my daily life, I opt for a natural make-up, nude especially for my complexion with a touch a little more colorful for the lips finally it depends on my mood of the day! No limit when it comes to makeup!
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