April 10 , 2018

4 Makeup Ideas For Women

4 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Makeup   1. Makeup is the best way to express yourself and your creativity,love the way. Makeup makes you feel and look even more. @ana.jasmina 2. Makeup is an art form, there are so many components that work together to transform you from bland to fab! @barbaramaslow23 3. […]

14 Trending Street style Outfit Ideas For Women

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Street style   1. Don’t get too caught up following trends that you forget to be a trendsetter. @_respectmyafro_ 2. Fashion enables people to express themselves independently and claim unique physical identities. It promotes diversity and allows people to distinguish themselves from their peers. @rococofashion 3. Fashion is never […]


10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup 1. The constant innovation and inspiration in the makeup community which drives so many different looks. @bronzedlilwonton 2. Makeup is the fact that with it you can achieve 2 different results/effects: essentiality and naturalism, and excess, the ability to catch someone’s attention, according to the situation. @cesare_damico 3. […]

15+ Cool Casual Outfit Ideas For Women

11 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Casual Wear   1. Don’t copy other’s style, create your own! To be special you have to be different. @chocolateismyaddiction 2. Fashion is so versatile and with fashion, we are able to express our moods via the style that we wear. Fashion is also a mood lifter, stress […]

15+ Fresh Face Makeup Looks

10 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Makeup   1. Makeup is a set that works always and for every occasion. @a_mikdalki 2. Eyeliner, Lashes, and lipsticks can make the most amazing difference in how the characters appear, @monicadanae 3. Makeup is like an art for non-arty people, we can’t draw that well, but with […]

Dashing Street style Ideas For Men

9 Instagrammers And Their Views About Street style   1. Street style is an opportunity for us to Express ourselves, to stand out from the crowd. @stylishmanlook 2. Fashion style is unpredictable, vibrant, with a touch of vintage Afrocentricism. @thessentialist_ 3. Fashion doesn’t have any rules and has your own style. @tzimis_tube 4. You can […]