11 Sexy Cool Casual Styles For Men

11 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles

1. Always feel like yourself, never force yourself to wear something you’re not comfortable with.
2. All rules are meant to be broken. However I have imposed a new rule on myself – I’m not allowed to buy anything that’s black!
3. Like I said it depends on your perspective of fashion for a ”perfect look” depends on the setting and your style.
4. Try to take inspiration form someone you really look up to this is the best way to create your own style.
5. The innovative manner in which everyone has to exist. The industry is constantly evolving and this evolution produces amazing clothing, accessories, shoes and bags that give a fresh take on an existing trend. I also love how there is always opportunity to start brand new trends.
6. Fashion like what i said, you can genuinely express yourself to the community and it brings a big impact to change one’s life through fashion.
7. As I said before, a perfect look for me is the one that makes me feel comfortable and safe, there are many variants to be removed. I have to admit that personally for daily I like to wear plain shirts, especially white, they are fresh and very clean and that is a big plus and jeans with funny shoes and socks.
8. I have a huge passion for plain colors and most of my clothes doesnt have any pictures or something. I only wear black, white, pink or grey.
9. The Perfect fashion look is when your inside is matching your outside regardless of what you’re wearing. It’s the connection between the two that makes the perfect fashion look.
10. It´s a way for me to feel creative and also be inspired, very cliché but it´s true. I love to just see different styles and combinations when I´m traveling.And then I most say, women´s fashion is so interesting!
11. A perfect fashion look for me is when you can bias the line and break the boundaries between genders.
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