11 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Makeup


1. I would describe the perfect makeup look as something that I timeless. I love makeup looks like smokey eyes or a clean liner, because they never go out of style.
2. My makeup routine was acquired over the years by being an actress and a model, most of what I learned, I learned from the greatest makeup artist who worked with me over the years. It is important to choose the correct shade of makeup one for the summer and one for the winter and sometimes mix between them. The shades I always choose are natural and matt and less shiny and sparkling.
3. The perfect makeup look for me is full glam; eyes, brows, everything done. But, the face makeup still looks very skin like and not too heavy. Desi Perkins is a prime example of this!
4. Makeup is interesting because it can enhance everyone’s beauty and gives an immediate confidence boost even in the worse days! It is always best to keep the makeup look classy. I love to mix neutral colours with some other bright colour without overdoing it! And when there is no time, a bright lipstick and good foundation can really make a difference and complete your look.
5. A perfect makeup look for me starts with a very dewy and glowing skin. That’s why i usually mix my revlon colorstay makeup with some liquid highlighter as a base and at the top of all I add in certain points in my face, more liquid or powder shimmer, to get more healthy and youthful skin look.
6. Makeup should highlight the natural beauty and correct the effects of time.
7. My perfect makeup look would consist of super glowy bronzed skin and a really natural bronzey toned eye. I’d say a medium coverage foundation mixed with a tad bit of facial oil or liquid highlighter with an orange toned bronzer for the base. The eyes would consist of a wash of brown in the crease with a bronze color on the lid, brown eyeliner and a nice fluffy lash.
8. A perfect makeup look should be mood-lifting. It makes you happy and confident. You would know it’s a perfect look because you would want to keep looking at yourself in the mirror. For me it would mostly includes sparkles and a lot of lashes.
9. For me a perfect makeup look is when you have only 15 min to be ready and you wanna look flawless anyway. Put a little beat of color on your eyes (for example: brown eyeshadow), make your eyebrows, put some mascara, take a good foundation and powder for a flawless skin, a little beat of blush and highlighter and a nude matte lipstick or a lips gloss.
10. I love make up so much! I love doing it on myself and on others. I feel that I can be as creative and artistic as I can be. And the most important thing is I can be myself and I can make someone happy with my work and make them feel more confident. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, but as a make up artist I see that people often forget that. A touch of makeup is often all it takes for someone to see their own beauty for the first time or all over again.
11. Personally, makeup helps us to express who we are, and to me, a perfect makeup look is when my makeup looks natural, simple, not overused. It’s not about the amount of makeup you apply that gives you the perfect look, it’s how it blends with your skin and applying the right amount.
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