12 Best Casual Outfits For Women

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion rule most is trying to get out of comfort zone, and always use something that shows part of my personality, something that helps you to express who you are.
2. Creativity. Fashion is an art form.
3. You can express yourself through fashion, and you can feel yourself a brand new person just changing your style. Wearing stylish clothes gives you more self-confidence.
4. fashion motivates you to do anything or go about anywhere. It’s a reason for us to be happy to belong to a world full of colors and textures and prints, shapes, styles and characters.
5. Fashion is a way to express your thoughts , it’s so funny to wear different styles and play with colors and textures, fashion is an art form, Every new day is a new opportunity to try fresh stuff with fashion.
6. Fashion is a means of expression, we could also add the word “artistic” in front of this definition due to the great amount of creativity and art necessary to create fashion.
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