14 Super-Easy Steps for Makeup

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Makeup is so fascinated by the fact that you can blend colors and create art with make-up. It also enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel pretty.
2. Makeup is about showing your creativity and at the same time an effort to look gorgeous.
3. You can enhance your beauty, love how one day you can be soft and reserve with your makeup then the next to be spontaneous and go wild with the colors.
4. Makeup can change eyes, lips and the whole face just by playing with lights and shadows, that’s the essence of makeup.
5. Makeup has the ability to demonstrate my art and my imagination through it.
6. Makeup changes the way that you feel, and makeup makes you feel more confident to the point where you can tackle any obstacle throughout the day.
7. Makeup could disguise, but mainly because it creates beautiful art on a canvas which originated from mother nature itself.
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