April 17 , 2018

6 Rocking Casual Styles For Women

6 Women’s are rocking the casual styles 1. Fashion, like music, represents the state of mind of a particular era, which is why both are always together. The choice of a clothing brings with it numerous psychological, social and cultural meanings, so that fashion, considered by many like something futile,is a key piece for the […]

Hair style For Men Should Try in 2018

4 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle   1. Absolutely love doing classic hairstyles, mostly involving Side-parted haircuts and Pompadours. These hairstyles have traditionally been sported by men since ages, although adding a modern touch to the styles. @the.hairmonster 2. Hair is that you can transform all hair textures and Spaz cuts is a representation […]

Street style Outfit Ideas For Men

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Street style   1. Love everything about fashion! it’s therapy. @marioeltahhan 2. Love how street style is extremely universal. Across countries, through different cultures, everyone’s “in” is completely different. Putting together pieces and bringing out a new look is the best part for me. @jeremysry 3. fashion a lot, […]


5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup   1. What interests me in makeup is the harmony of colors, products all more interesting than others and of course the final rendering, it’s crazy what you can do with a little makeup! Perfect Makeup Look – The perfect look is when the person feels beautiful and […]

How To Look Good With Makeup

Javier Diaz Make Art …… Describe your Makeup style in one sentence? Fantastic. What do you like about Makeup? Everything, the art of Makeup is limitless, a lot of possibilities, this is so fun and I love it.   Karen Maria Tudo …… What interests you in Makeup? It’s my job and love. How would […]

Best Makeup Tips For Women

Agnieszka Gałązka …… What interests you in Makeup? Makeup is mysterious for me, I am more into travel, cooking and clothes fashion rather than makeup. I am trying to connect my everyday life with fashion, to be honest for makeup my attention is lower. Still, it does not mean that I am not interested. I […]