April 18 , 2018

Street style Ideas For Women

MadWit Clothing …… What do you like about Street Style? What we like about street style is its fluidity. It can metamorphose from something absolutely easy to something very kitschy to something with a hint of studio-bred fashion. Who is your icon for street style? Naomi Campbell, hands down! She does take street style very […]

Trending Street style Looks For Men

LUUNA …… What do you like about Streetstyle? Street fashion makes my life awesome. I love clothes and photos. Describe your Streetstyle style in one sentence? Strive for the best street fashion.   Ayoublabchir …… What do you like about Streetstyle? I love it because it Always What feel comfortable in your outfit which you […]

How To Master The Art Of Lip

Eltocadordekiki …… What interests you in Makeup? Makeup for me is a passion and a way of self-expression. I can tell a story with makeup or reveal to others my feelings or either my true self. It’s pure imagination and inspiration as amazing as a painting, a book or a movie. How would you describe […]

Makeup Tricks For Women

Lauren Corten …… What styling advice would you give to your younger self? Don’t wear foundation darker than your natural skin tone. I didn’t know the rule about swatching the foundation against the skin tone on your neck, I just guessed and slapped it on. Matching your foundation to your neck is more accurate than […]

Simple Makeup Ideas For Women To Try

TRÙCCO_Makeup art/Bodypaint …… What styling advice would you give to your younger self?? To continue exploring their ideas as they arise and perfecting themselves on it, while value the unique characteristics of each person. That adds a bonus, “something extra” to the final work that can’t be explained with words, only transmitted through your model’s […]

Makeup Ideas For Women To Try

Kali Sypolt …… What is One makeup rule you never break? I always use a primer before I apply the rest of my makeup. I feel like it just makes such a difference in the longevity and wear of your makeup. I can’t go without it! What shades of eyeshadow do you use for summer? […]

12 Styles Of Makeup To Try

Amayas …… What interests you in Makeup? Makeup is an escape for me. I am an artist/fashion designer so makeup is just a different medium that I use. I love that makeup can transform your face and make you look entirely different. Makeup is so much fun and allows you to become someone else at […]