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1. Hairstyles are made to be unique and versatile to each individual which helps bring out the clients self confidence.
2. What I am charmed with of being able to have a hair style is to make a difference and to be able to demonstrate to the rest the trends that appears anually.
3. Balance and Simplicity is the key. Keep the makeup simple and balance, that’s the best way to look good and fresh! I am into Bridal styling for both make up and hair for more than 10 years and I always keep this in my mind as it brings out the best of the brides.
4. I like that a great hairstyle brings out confidence in a person. Seeing the glow of confidence on my clients faces is what makes me love what I do!
5. I like to have shiny hair, so style it with the straightener and I get my hair. I always wear open hair.
6. The thing I like the most is people get to express their individuality and you can really have fun with it and try different styles and colours. My hairstyle is all about getting the hair of the individual to match the personality.
7. I love creating long sleek with straight bangs or big and wavy, depends on my mood.
8. Everyone has their own unique Hair Style, whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday look, their Hair Style completes them. I love being able to bring out the unique characteristics in a person that sometime go unnoticed, by simply enhancing their Hair Style. I love helping people find their Hair Style and ultimately helping find that inner glow that comes from it!
9. My hair style is dynamic and I love that as it reflects the character and affects the mood.
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