20 Genius Makeup Tips

10 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Makeup and how just how creative you can get is something that will never stop interesting you.
2. A styling advice for younger self would be to never wear something it’s not high waisted.
3. Always try to be eccentric and be loyal to yourself. Don’t follow other people because they have more followers. Try to be accurate. Everyone is perfect in his own point of view. Be proud of your style and personality.
4. Perfect makeup is the one with which you feel comfortable, without being overloaded.
5. Makeup helps you bring out my best facial features and helps to create a better version of yourself.
6. Explore and experiment as much as you can with your style, makeup, get creative with your style and be comfortable in what you are doing.
7. Be you as hard as you possibly can be. If you don’t know who YOU are, yet then start checking in with yourself and ask the tough questions that will lead you to a place that lets you live authentically.
8. Choose a lot of naturalness from the artificial image…
9. Trends are there not only to be followed but to be created also!
10. Perfect makeup style is for you the one that reflects the perfect beauty of the woman.
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