22 Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas For Women

11 Instagrammers Who Has A Passion For Eye Makeup


1. Make-up is an escape from boredom. You can show up, go crazy. It is true that just starting out, but would like to develop your best in this field. Make-up becomes a part of day-to-day life more and more.
2. Be daring and express your personality through makeup.
3. Everyone has a different face so there are so many different looks to create and challenges, also love being able to make people feel and look great.
4. You can get super creative and create endless looks using different colors and techniques. Your eyelids become a canvas for your art.
5. Makeup is a form of self-expression, it’s kind of like painting. Everyone can paint the same picture, but by the end of the day, each painting is different.
6. Not to be afraid to experiment! because it’s mainly experiments and trials that give us the most experience.
7. Perfect makeup look is the classic red lip and soft neutral eyes with a winged eyeliner. When I think of that look, Selena definitely is the motivation.
8. Makeup is meant to be fun. Be yourself and have fun with it. Makeup also looks best on skin that is cared for; a good skincare routine can make the biggest difference in your makeup.
9. Makeup is a way of expressing yourself and being creative with colors.
10. Makeup is so unique to each individual there is no way to really make rules.
11. Makeup is a way of expressing yourself without having to give any explanation of how you are feeling.
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    Angelica is amazing – inside and out! Amazingly talented

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