22 Cute And Simple Makeup Looks

11 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Make-up because it allows you the chance to express your inner self, mood, or the event you are going to.
2. Feel more beautiful and ready to conquer anything.
3. Makeup usually matches our mood – If we are feeling light-hearted or delicate we choose light eyeshadow and a nude lipstick, but on our self-confident days prefer bolder colors.
4. Perfect makeup is included in makeup eye because nothing else can beautify our faces. Of course in makeup eye, perfect blending is the most important.
5. Makeup look is your smile and confidence. Because whatever makeup you wear, you can’t say it’s perfect if you don’t wear your perfect smile and confidence.
6. Perfect make-up for is with the flawless preparation of the skin.
7. Never follow the trend.The style is your true self. It gives you the power to tell the world who you are without having to explain it verbally.
8. Makeup interests the most because of how it can transform people into something creative and expressive while still allowing them to be an individual.
9. Makeup interests for the transformation aspect. It is so cool how someone can heighten their features or even transform into something or someone else. The creativity inspires to continue developing.
10. Be yourself, no matter what. No matter what people wanna say about you, it doesn’t matter. It only matters what YOU think of yourself.
11. Makeup boosts our confidence.
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