10 Instagrammers are rocking the eye makeup

1. A perfect makeup look for me is all about the application. Seamless, blended colours meshing together to create a beautiful piece of artwork!
2. My absolute favorite perfect makeup look is a smokey Brown, golden look with nude lips and fullface makeup on.
3. Makeup is for everyone, but use properly.
4. A perfect make-up look would be to have the expressions of our face sublimated by makeup according to the morphology of our face.
5. A perfect makeup look to me is always going to be well blended clean makeup look. As someone who knew nothing about makeup, I definitely had to learn the hard way. A beauty blender or sponge will ALWAYS be your bestfriend in completing a flawless makeup look.
6. Makeup look always needs a beautiful voluminous pair of lashes that is paired with a glamorous smokey eye. I really enjoy a well blended smokey eye, as it will always look beautiful no matter what. Additionally, you can switch up the colors of the makeup look, such as the darkness of the smokey eye look. You can either do a lighter or darker smokey eye.
7. Perfect makeup look would be a dark smokey eye and red lip..a very sexy look i say!
8. Make sure that whatever your creative outlet is (whether or not it be makeup/beauty/fashion) something that you allow to be a place where you can express yourself unapologetically and a place that you can show others who you are. That’s what I’ve always done with my makeup .
9. A perfect makeup look for me right now is black winged eyeliner, slightly dewy foundation, glowy highlight, bronzed cheeks and forehead, lashes, eyebrows filled in and a pinky nude matte lipstick! No one really influenced me for this look, I just do whatever suits my mood or the place I am going.
10. Fashion is not really makes strong side.Just wear what makes you feel comfortable. That is what i do personally. I dont use bold colours.If everything fails, just wear black.And no socks for your sandals.
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