5+ Beautiful & Stunning Eye Makeup Looks To Try

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Eye Makeup


1. What I love about makeup is, there is so much creativity and the looks are to make are endless! My style icon is Manny Mua! He is so bold and not afraid to be himself and that is what I love about him! I would describe my makeup style in one sentence, it would be bold & different because I’m not afraid to try new products & new looks.
2. What do I like about Makeup – Makeup is like art and I love how you can express anything by just beating your face. I am in love with @cassandraxmua on Instagram. My makeup style is Unpredictable.
3. My style icon for makeup is Carli Bybel and Promise Tamang. Carli was one of the first MUAS I watched on YouTube and made me fall in love with makeup. Promise was one of my sisters old friends back from Nepal whom I discovered because of her and was really happy to someone of my ethnicity that I could look up to. My makeup style usually is basic warm tones however once in a while I like getting inspired and get creative by things I see that could make for a good makeup look.
4. What do I like about Makeup – When I’m having a bad day, I can do my makeup and it will make me feel better. I can play up what I like about myself. My Style icon is @hudabeauty My makeup style is simple and classy.
5. What do I like about Makeup – My love for makeup stemmed from I was such a young age! I have been playing around with makeup from around age 8, from them I have grown to love and have such a strong extreme passion for makeup. My style icon for makeup has to be Paige Louise! Known on Instagram as @plouise1 & @plouise_makeup_acadamy. Paige and her team are amazing at what they do and their work is outstanding! They always create amazing makeup looks which are vibrant, colorful and very creative! I always go to her Instagram pages for inspiration as I love working with color and creating colorful, vibrant looks! My makeup style is mostly very colorful! I love playing with color and creating colorful, bright, vibrant makeup looks!
6. Perfect makeup look and someone who inspires me – Currently I’m loving a flawless dewy face, bright eyeshadow, and glossy lips for this season. My best friend (@kaileecannady) displays this look perfectly and inspires me daily with her style.
7. What do I like about Makeup – Creativity is what I think of when I hear the word makeup; so being in the industry I get to practice on a day to day basis the artistic side of all my surroundings. another thing I love about makeup is how you can change a individuals’ confidence as well as my own, with 40 min of work and the look they have on their face looking at themselves in the mirror gives me a warm feeling every single time. I have so many style icons for makeup but I think my top 2 would have to be @Makeupbyalo for out of the box ideas & @evettexo for neutral glam. My makeup style is Neutral/glitter glam queen with a soft side.
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