5 Bold Beauty Trends To Try In 2018

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Perfect Makeup – Flawless glowing skin, highlighter to the moon and back, the boldest black cat eye ever and weird colorful lips! That’s my go-to perfect look. I am currently obsessed with @juscallmetara. She’s a makeup goddess, vegan, and doing everything for animals. My kind of role model. I want to be like her.
2. Perfect Makeup – A perfect makeup look to me is looking in the mirror and being proud of what you created, being excited and admiring everything about the makeup look. I actually get my inspiration from all the incredibly talented Mua’s that I follow on Instagram they inspire me every day to be creative to not be afraid of doing a bold look.
3. Perfect Makeup – If there is such a thing, I would describe the perfect makeup look as what makes you feel like you can take on the world. Makeup to me is confidence. Everyone possesses beauty in their own way, and makeup is just an outlet to enhance the external beauty. If you can walk out of the house feeling confident, to me, that is the perfect makeup look. My perfect makeup look would be a natural look with subtle pops of color. I prefer to add color to my eyes more often than my lips because a nude/neutral lip is my favorite.
4. What I find most interesting in makeup is eye makeup. You can do so much with eyeshadow, flash eyelashes, eyeliner and even decorative drawings near the eyes, or diamonds/glitter! Plus, just how sharp and sexy your eyes can look when you are done always takes my breath away. Perfect Makeup – I would say a perfect makeup look is in between casual and fierce. Smoky, but polished!
5. What interests me in makeup is the ability to express my creativity with no limitations. Perfect Makeup – The perfect makeup look is anything with neutral colors with a thick wing liner. You can never go wrong with a thick wing.
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