5 Eye Makeup Ideas You Can Wear For Any Occasion

5 Instagrammers rocking the eye makeup looks.

1. A perfect make up look to me is that that glowy soft makeup look, I am obsessed with warm colors
2. A perfect makeup is a flawless makeup,with fine and sharp lines of eyeshadows and fading effect of contours and highlighters
3. Makeup where it enhances your beauty and adds glow. “Your skin but better”. When people stop you to tell you look great, but think you aren’t wearing much makeup, that is my goal.
4. A perfect make-up look, is the one that makes you feel confident, sexy, and fine. I get inspire by people, feelings, and myself. My make-up defines me, stimulates my mind, use my imagination, and be creative.
5.Focus on one thing you want to get great at. Start with what excites you whether it be lipstick, foundation, skin care, brows, etc. Once you have that mastered, introduce another. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed with the whole process