5 Eye MakeUp Tips For You Try This!!

5 Instagrammers are rocking the eymakeup tips

1. I love doing a bold, colorful eye. Personally I have green/ hazel eyes(there always changing haha) so I think the green shadow mixed with the tank really makes them pop. I like to keep the rest of my makeup pretty subtle so that way the attention is drawn towards the eyes. I also am a huge fan of red colored lipstick, but if I do that then I’ll try and keep my eyes simple.
2. A perfect daily make up for me it is fresh and natural. A particular care with the products for the base, a glowy and healthy effect (not suitable for oily skin), a nude or brown color on the eyes (some gold if is summer), and a natural gloss on the lips.
3. The perfect makeup look should be bold and you should express your feelings through it.
4. A perfect makeup look to me is somthing that when you’ve finished it and walk out the house your confident (it’s the same with fashion) if you feel sexy, confident and comfortable then that is the perfect look.
5. Makeup is a creative outlet for me. It’s so much fun to do and is a great stress reliever.
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