5+ Sexy Eye Makeup Looks Give Your Eyes Some Serious Pop

7 Instagrammers And Their Views About Eye Makeup


1. Style Icon – I don’t think I could narrow it down to one person! It would probably have to be Riquelle Medrano (@makeupbyriquelle on Instagram) because her looks are so bold and so beautifully executed. I am inspired by many fellow makeup artists, but my inspiration is usually not limited to actual makeup. Many of my looks are inspired by photos of nature, like sunsets, flowers, scenery, and much more. Makeup Style – An experimental, ambitious and out-of-the-box style!
2. I love everything about makeup! I love the way it makes you feel, how you can express yourself. The way it makes you feel good about yourself helps you fix your imperfections. My makeup style is glam with a touch of soft.
3. What do you like about Makeup – I like the fact that you can do whatever you want with makeup, you can do artistic, natural or super glam makeup looks. I would describe my makeup style as creative, artistic and colorful.
4. Makeup to me is more about how it makes people feel rather than trying to hide our flaws. It boosts confidence and is an art form in itself. I love the sense of community with other beauty bloggers who share the same passion and love for makeup. It’s amazing to see myself and other MUA/MUEs progressing and developing their skills over time.
5. My biggest interest in makeup is the creativity behind every look. I would probably tell myself that your eyeshadow should somewhat match your clothes. My perfect makeup look would be full glam with a bold eye, and Niki Tutorials is my inspiration for this kind of makeup, she just makes it look so good.
6. What I like about makeup, is that you get to express yourself. You can make yourself pop. Aaliyah Jay is my style Icon for makeup. I love her unique looks. My makeup style is very unpredictable, but it always makes everything come together.
7. Describe your Eye Makeup style in one sentence – Amazing Blending.
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