5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Makeup


1. Perfect Makeup – Winged liner, retro 60’s matte finish with a dark lip. Anyone can wear it. One tip to readers – Understand there is a learning curve for makeup and it’s tools. Keep trying stuff and don’t be afraid. If you are and have no idea what to do, watch some videos and take some lessons at your local salon, Ulta or MAC counter.
2. What interests me in makeup – I love to do Makeup and my interests in Makeup is to follow latest trends of all social makeup artists. Perfect Makeup – For me, a perfect Makeup look is a smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, contour, highlighter and pink lipstick.
3. Perfect Makeup – I would say my perfect Makeup look is one that I have took time on and enjoyed applying. I hate a rushed job! I enjoy mostly a winged eyeliner and sparkle eyeshadow. I’ve just discovered Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal and it’s absolutely dreamy and a staple in my make up bag now! One person I really look to for makeup looks is Helen Anderson, a blogger in the UK. She uses bold colors and heavy contour. I would say that’s what I really enjoy.
4. What interests me in makeup – I love the way it makes me feel, It’s an opportunity for self-expression and the way I find my authentic creative voice. It’s my kind of art, Makeup is my power! For me, a perfect makeup look consists of eyeliner, nude lips, bronzer, and highlighter.
5. What interests me in makeup – The face primer and concealer. I love the effect of these two products on my face. Perfect Makeup – The perfect makeup look to me is one that’s simple. Nothing flashy or over the top.
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